summer dress

How can women dress better in summer

To be comfortable and know how to dress well in the summer, one of the first tips is that you consider choosing light, fresh colors, in addition to choosing appropriate clothing, here we also give you some tips and highlight common mistakes that are often made.

When the holidays arrive, it is accompanied by a radiant and very intense sun. So you may be wondering what is the right way to dress that makes you feel fresh, free, and comfortable and that does not interrupt your lifestyle, follow these 6 fashion tips to dress better in summer.

summer dress

To do this, you should mainly wear clothes that are not tight-fitting so that the air can circulate more easily, the dresses are perfect, but you can also choose loose pants or skirts for greater comfort.

1. Try to use light colors

As we said before, when you wear light colors they give you the feeling of perceiving less heat, which is present in the environment, although it is elegant to use dark tones is not recommended because you will sweat more. Take advantage of the summer as an opportunity to show off bright and light colors, be careful when making color combinations, try to make it balanced and look good.

2. It is a good time to show off your shoulders

When the holidays arrive, the essential requirement that every woman tends to wear is to wear clothes that have airflow, to look beautiful, and stay comfortable and fresh. So it is not a bad idea to try to choose and wear sleeveless shirts or blouses. In case you do not like this type of garment, try to choose shirts with short sleeves in fabrics where the air circulates in your body.

3. Don’t hesitate to wear shorts

The shorts will take care of the heat if not you will have a perfect style for this summer, you should only complement with nice shirts and a color that matches your shorts. Also do not hesitate to complement with accessories such as hats and purses, these cannot be left behind to protect our skin from the sun.

4. Choose summer sandals to accompany your outfits

Sandals with loose clothing is a match that always goes hand in hand at this time of year, choose and buy sandals that combine and are practical and comfortable for an afternoon walk in the park or to go to the pool or the beach, choose the design that most closely matches your style of dress.

5. When you wear sportswear, try to make it appropriate

Although it is said that sportswear is suitable for all times of the year this is a lie, if you wear dark-colored leggings it may be uncomfortable your exercise routine, instead, try to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts to be cooler and cope with the heat.

6. Dresses give a feminine touch

You are not the only one who will be attracted to wearing dresses in summer. The best thing is that you can wear dresses that fit your style, you can also allow minidresses and miniskirts.

-Fashion mistakes that are usually made in summer

Each season of the year has certain demands. One of them is taking care of the way we dress. Otherwise, you may have awkward and unpleasant moments. In this case, we give you some tips to avoid mistakes in summer.

-Flee tight clothing

You may like to show off your body, but you must be aware that wearing clothes that fit the body will not let air flow into your body, instead wear skirts, shorts or loose shirts, or any garment that allows you to keep cool.

-Jeans are not a good option

Jeans are usually very tight and it is not appropriate in times when heat is present. They can even cause skin infections when sweat glands are blocked.

-Use many accessories:

You have probably heard that the trends are going to wear colored plastic rings. However, due to the high temperatures, it is not recommended to exaggerate accessories, since when you start to sweat they become heavier and cause rashes.

-Avoid closed shoes

Closed shoes increase the heat in the feet. Consequently, you will start to sweat. What you want is a bad smell and the appearance of fungus, as well as trying to wear thick socks.

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