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    The Army Green Bomber jacket is Indispensable in Every Fashionable Man’s Wardrobe

    You’ve probably found yourself standing in front of your wardrobe looking for something warm but not too warm, casual, yet stylish, and with a unique design to wear on your night out. If you came out blank, you need to visit the army green bomber jacket men’s collection for better variety in your closet. These jackets are stylish and indispensable in every fashionable man’s wardrobe.


    Bomber jackets feature a trademark front zipper, a fitted waistline, ribbed cuffs, and sometimes, a sipper on the upper left arm. These jackets, which deliver on both functionality and fashion, can transform your everyday look in seconds.


    Why every man needs a bomber jacket


    We can all agree that a bomber jacket is a timeless and versatile piece of men’s outerwear. The coat comes in different styles, colors, and sizes, which is what every man needs to complete their casual and chic look. The jacket pairs well with jeans, sneakers, chinos, and boots, making it a timeless fashion trend.


    Army green bomber jackets men’s collection is suitable for both cold and warm weather. So, depending on the material you pick, you can remain fashionable during winter and fall and maintain casual, lightweight wear in summer and spring.


    But before we delve into matching your bomber jacket with different outfits, you need to be aware of the variety available to you. The army green bomber jackets come in different materials, including nylon, polyester, and wool. There are also different sizes, with various features, such as embroidery and positioning of zippers.

     Army Green Bomber jacket

    How to pair your army green bomber jacket


    Army green bomber jackets borrow heavily from their military heritage. They are what the pilots have used since the first world war. And since the army green color is a staple for men, you do not need to panic when you wear blue chinos.


    You can achieve the perfect casual look with an army green bomber jacket men’s collection by pairing it up with boots; the t-shirt could be white, black, navy, or any dark-colored t-shirt of choice. Follow that up with some dark wash jeans for the summer.


    If you are going for a casual look in winter, you can match your outfit with your favorite bright-colored hoodie before covering that up with your army green bomber jacket. If you want to look refined for your day out, a turtleneck with the army green bomber jacket will get you there.


    When do you rock your bomber jacket?


    You can wear a bomber jacket on many different occasions, thanks to its versatility. However, since they lack the formality that blazers carry, they are limited to casual events.


    You can rock an army green bomber jacket on occasions like:


    1.   Smart Business Casual occasions- if you need to dress up for that casual business meeting without going over the top, then an army green bomber jacket is the way to go. The material, classy design, and colorwork together pull off the perfect business casual outfit. A slim-cut bomber jacket works better for these.


    2.     Casual events- this is what the bomber jackets exist. So, if you need to step out to meet up with some friends, nylon, army green bomber jacket from your wardrobe, paired with sneakers or chinos, a simple t-shirt or flannel is a stylish look you can try.


    Fitting a Bomber Jacket


    Your fashion sense will dictate how your bomber jacket fits. While some men want a longer jacket that goes a little over the bum, others wish for a high cut that ends a little low of their waist. Modern fits cut close to the torso and the sleeves right at the wrist.


    Final Remarks


    Bomber jackets deliver on aesthetics and add a memorable layer to your outfit. These military-inspired men’s outwear go well with a wide range of clothes, making them a must-have for every fashionable man’s wardrobe. From casual looks in Summer to a warm snuggly look during winter, army green bomber jackets are what you need to pull off any casual look. Make sure the shoulders fit snugly without pulling them in, and you are good to go.