How to Create a stylish bathroom design style exclusively for women

To some people, the bathroom is a personal room with which they need to feel connected. Are you redesigning your bathroom and need to make it appealing to women?


There are several ways you can add a feministic touch to your bathroom without much effort. Femininity is not all about color and dolls, there are other ways to make women love your bathroom. Improvement can be directed at items like duscharmatur thermostat.

You Can Use Organizers


You must have noticed the unusually long time women spend preparing themselves before stepping out. This is because they have multiple beautification products in their bathrooms.


One problem with having too many items is the storage. For women’s makeup, we recommend organizers. These are small compact boxes that can be pushed into drawers if need be.


They can be used to store makeup in a neat and organized way so they won’t have to spend time looking for every item every time they need it. They came in plastic, wood, and metal. Women will surely appreciate such an addition to their bathroom.

stylish bathroom design style

Use Better Colors


It’s an open secret that men are relatively color-blind, women on the other hand notice color before anything else. The color you choose to use on the bathroom walls will affect how women will connect with the bathroom.


You can try to use pastel colors coupled with some other strong ones. As you select the color, try to match it to the towels. We often neglect this aspect but a match of the wall and towel colors will surely leave the bathroom looking super superb.

Improve On The Lighting


A woman cannot apply makeup under poor lighting; they need strong and strategically placed lighting. The ceiling color will affect how light reflects on the room so that is a very important factor as far as light distribution is concerned.


If you cannot adjust the paint color, you can add more lights and focus them on the important parts of the room. A lampstand is also an option if you are not ready to invest more in the lighting.

Decorative Features


We often expend on the decoration of all other rooms except the bathroom. Women love elegant things, why not give them an elegant bathroom.


The options are endless if you choose to decorate your bathroom. You can improve on anything from the handles to the taps.


· Use Pictures.  A picture says a thousand words, one on your bathroom wall will tell a hundred stories. You can buy a few if you like but doing the job yourself is an opportunity for you to embody your feelings in the piece. As you strive for the best picture, worry about the material as well, the bathroom is pretty humid.

· Flowers. Women share a distinct partiality for bouquets, you can add one to your bathroom setup from time to time. They should be fresh and the colors austere.

· Mirrors. This is a bit obvious but what is not is the need to use the right size and where to place it. Buy a large enough mirror and place it near the makeup desk, that’s where they need it most.

Display Art Work


Art is very stylish in the office and lobby but why not in the bathroom Not all artworks are worth the bathroom but there are some artists, though rare, who have dedicated their lives to creating pieces for the bathroom.


They could be hangings or paintings, any, well thought out piece will do well here. If you cannot afford a new piece, there are some second-hand machine-developed pieces that will surely fit your budget. Their material is made to withstand the humid bathroom environment.

Hang Some Vintage Pieces


Go to the local yard sale and get yourself a nice vintage piece of work, a sculpture, or wall hanging. Cover it up in protective material and find the right spot to hang it in the bathroom. Some women love pieces with deep history and confliction meanings.

Take Away


Getting women to love something can prove to be quite daunting but with the right skills and basic knowledge, you can deliver exceptional results. The above information should offer you better grounding as far as women’s take on bathroom design is concerned.

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