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    How to turn the Apple Watch into a woman’s fashion weapon

    One of the most ignored items people wear has to be the watch. Now that phones tell the time, it is hard for most people to see the need for a watch. Over the years, however, it has been made clear that a watch serves more than just a functional need. When used correctly, it can be a great fashion item. If you have no idea how this would work, worry not/ here are a couple of ways you can turn your watch into a fashion weapon.


    Play around with the bands


    One of the things that will make your watch stand out or blend in has to be the bands you pick for it. Most apple watches let you switch up the bands when you need to. You can make a watch fit the casual scene then change it so it fits the official scene. You could also make it sporty if you want. You can get a variety of cxsbands and use these to your liking. They ensure that you get to wear different bands with the same watch. You can switch up your looks using the same watch.


    Match it up with your outfit


    One of the main uses of a watch is to serve as a complementing factor to the whole outfit. As such, you need to have a watch that goes well with all these factors. Avoid picking up a watch just because it looked good on display, and try and figure out whether the watch will complement most of your outfits. You might have to tone it down to ensure the watch looks like a part of the outfit. Without doing this, you walk around with a watch that looks like it was put on as an afterthought.

    woman's fashion weapon

    Think of the occasion


    While your everyday watch might look good with most of your outfits, there is a huge chance it will look out of place at a dinner party. The one thing you can do to avoid this is pick a watch that will fit whatever occasion you are attending. A smaller and dainty-looking watch would suit the red carpet, while the leather strapped watch would be more appropriate for the office. Once you know about all this, you can decide on whether you want a comfortable everyday watch or a statement piece that will have everyone looking in your direction all night.


    Your skin tone


    The two most common metals and coating used in watches are gold and silver. If you have a fairer skin tone, then it is recommended you go for silver accessories. On the other darker skin tones blend well with gold accessories. Figuring out your skin tone will go to great lengths to ensure you get an accessory that works for you. Many times one is tempted to wear a certain color because their friend has it. Just because it looks good on your friends just does not mean it will look good on you. Knowing about this ensures that you get accessories mostly for you.


    The size of the watch


    Apple watches have come in a variety of sizes. You can get one that is as small as a Fitbit and another that is so big it looks like it is weighing your arm down. While the bigger watch is perfect for when you want to draw attention to your arm and the watch itself. On the other hand, getting a smaller watch means you still look good in it, but you do not keep drawing attention to the watch all the time.


    Wear shorter sleeves


    If you want people to notice your watch, then it helps if you wear shorter sleeves on your clothes. It makes the arm feel and look bare, and the only thing anyone will get to focus their eyes on has to be your watch. You can do this, especially when you have a watch with a unique band or a big watch that needs attention. However, be careful with this move, as people might look at your bare arms more than the watch itself. You have to ensure that you pay everything up really well, so people are drawn to the watch.


    When paired right, your watch can be a huge statement piece. All you need to do is think outside the box and figure out which aspects of the watch work to your advantage. Use these features to your advantage, and you are bound to stand out. Where in doubt, go small instead of big since nothing ever goes wrong with modest-sized watches. You can also look up ways to pair your watch with other accessories s that will give you a fair idea of what works and what does not.